White Crystal Rosary with Gold Personalised Name


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This beautiful white crystal rosary can have your choice of name or word in the middle decade, making it an extra special personalised rosary for gifting or your own use. The crystal beads are translucent white with a slightly iridescent finish so each facet sparkles in the light.

The 5 decades of Hail Mary beads are 7mm across, each separately linked with gold rosary wire. This way of making the rosary means it will flow smoothly through your hands as you pray the rosary.

The Our Father beads are finished with gold caps and tiny crystals, then wire-wrapped to give extra strength where needed most - as well as that unique handmade look.

The center connector has the Fiat of Mary on one side, symbolising Mary's acceptance of the Word of God. The other side shows the Holy Spirit descending. The ornate cross has the Eucharist Cup at the bottom, the Angel Gabriel on the left, Mary on the right and God the Father above the figure of Christ.

Your choice of name - up to 10 letters - can be placed in the middle decade with each letter replacing a crystal bead as needed. The letter beads are gold-plated pewter, nickle & lead free, with the letter imprinted on both sides. You can also choose to have no name so the rosary is all white crystal beads.

Length when hanging: 48cm / 18 inches;
Crucifix: 3.5cm tall / 1.4 inches.

A lovely rosary which is well made for many years of prayerful use. It comes in a handmade (by me) cloth rosary pouch to keep it in.

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