Venerable Matt Talbot Medal, Patron Saint of Alcoholics


Medal of Venerable Matt Talbot, the Patron of those struggling with alcoholism and sobriety.

Venerable Matt Talbot [1856-1925] was born the 2nd of 12 children into a poor family in Dublin. He began drinking at 12 and was an alcoholic by age 13. Matt had a conversion experience on his knees at 28. He took a pledge of sobriety, which he kept until his death 41 years later. He worked in a lumberyard on the docks of Dublin, as did his father and grandfather. He was always poor and yet always generous to those in need. He lived a life of fasting, prayer and service imitating the Irish monks of the 6th Century. Venerable Matt Talbot is considered a modern patron of alcoholics. He died on June 7, 1925.

Nickle and lead-free silver pewter with ring on top for attaching. Comes with a card about Matt Talbot.

Size: 2.5cm tall including loop.

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