Swarovski Pearl Renaissance Paternoster, Latin Cross White Tassel


Gorgeous paternoster rosary, based on designs from the Renaissance era. Made with gold Swarovski pearls and a silky white tassel, this paternoster features a small Memento Mori skull and a handblown glass gaud bead.

I'm not reproducing historical paternosters. My designs are based on the history of this style of prayer beads in the Middle Ages, using modern materials and techniques so we can enjoy a link with the past in today's prayer.

This paternoster is made with 10mm Swarovski pearls, gold pewter decorative beads, and a hollow glass gaud (Our Father bead). In past times, the gaud would most likely have been a solid ball of crystal clear quartz.

At the top is a gold pewter ring for attaching the rosary to a belt or bag, or to slip onto a finger or thumb when using the beads so they don't drop. A special crucifix hangs near the top with the words "O Crux Ave, Nobis Miserere" on the front. On the back is a radiant chalice & host, the Alpha & Omega symbols, 5 roses for the 5 Wounds & the Sacred & Immaculate Hearts.

At the other end is a white tassel - said to have been popular to wipe away the tears of the faithful as they prayed. There is a small Memento Mori skull above the gaud, a reminder that life is fleeting - a very common sentiment in past times.

Length: 38cm / 15 inches;
Ring: 3cm / 1.25 inches across;
Tassel: 8cm / 3.1 inches long;
Beads: 10mm crystal pearls, 20mm glass orb.

This unique rosary has been made for prayer, and is equally as lovely hanging on a wall or in a decor setting. Suitable for reenactment, Renaissance Fair or medieval costumes too.

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