Stainless Steel Bracelet Chain, 19cm Figaro Style with clasp


Stainless steel figaro style chain bracelet, 19cm (7.5 inches) long complete with stainless steel clasp. A very attractive chain bracelet suitable for men or women.

Consistent size and shape, machine-made chain is a great substitute for sterling silver. This 304 grade stainless steel--the same grade used in industrial and food-processing applications--resists moisture and will not oxidize. Great for humid climates and damp conditions.

Width: 6.26mm
Individual links: smaller 10mm, longer 14mm.


The same chain in necklace lengths is available in my shop too.

45cm = $19.95
50cm = $21.50
60cm = $22.95.

I also have finer stainless steel chains in my store here, suitable for men or women.



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