St Teresa of Calcutta Niner chaplet Rosary, NZ made


Saint Teresa of Calcutta, known worldwide as Mother Teresa, is one of the healing saints. This beautiful gold & blue "niner" chaplet rosary (pocket rosary) honors her - from 1946 until her death in 1997 St Teresa devoted her life to her love of Christ, expressed by caring for His poor and sick.

The niner rosary has 3 groups of 3 beads, used with familiar prayers including your personal petition. This chaplet can also be used for the short novena which was a favorite prayer of Mother Teresa. A prayer card for both forms of using this chaplet is included.

The prayer beads are 10mm faceted lampwork glass beads, individually linked and separated with white and blue sparkling Swarovski crystals. At one end is a lovely color medal of St Teresa highlighted in gold foil, and at the other is a gold-plated pewter radiant crucifix.

The radiant style cross has a burst of light behind the figure of Christ, signifying His resurrection. Each arm of the cross end in a 3-point lily shape, which signifies the Holy trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Added together there are 12 points, which stand for the Apostles who went out from the cross to carry the Good News to the world - the perfect cross for Saint Teresa.

Length: 32cm / 12.5 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch;
Crucifix: 4cm / 1.6 inches tall.

My rosaries are well-made for years of prayer and come attractively packaged.

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