St Rita Pocket Rosary, Saint of Impossible Cases, Wounds, Marital Problems & Mothers


Here is a pocket rosary in honour of Saint Rita, handmade here in New Zealand.A pocket rosary is also known as a decima rosary, or a chaplet. These convenient-size small rosaries are ideal for today's busy life style as they are easy to slip into a pocket or purse - great for people on the go.

St Rita (1380-1456) is known as the "Saint of the Impossible", having overcame many difficulties throughout her life. She is also the patron saint of sickness & wounds, marital problems, and mothers.

This is a little one-decade rosary made the traditional pattern for this devotion with 10 prayer beads & a single Our Father bead. There is a medal of Saint Rita at one end, and a finely detailed pewter crucifix reflecting the ornate crosses quite common in her time at the other end.

The beads are 8mm round pink crystal pearls, each linked with silver rosary wire. The larger Our Father bead is lampwork glass with wee roses encased in the glass, and pale pink crystals either side.

The medal shows St Rita on the front, with the words "Pray For Us" on the back.The filigree crucifix has a smooth, plain back.

Length: 26cm / 10.25 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch;
Crucifix: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches.

This little rosary comes in attractive packaging so it is a treat to receive, along with a card of the traditional prayers for this chaplet.

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