St Rita Medal, Patron Saint of Loneliness and Impossible Causes


Saint Rita Medal, patron saint of loneliness and impossible causes. Rita (1380-1456) overcame many difficulties throughout her life. She became a cloistered Augustinian Nun during the final 40 years of her life, and 15 years before her death, while at prayer, she received on her forehead the mark of a thorn from Jesus' crown of thorns.

During her last illness, when asked whether she had any special desires, Rita asked only for a rose from the garden of her parents' home - an impossible request to grant in the month of January. But on returning home the visitor amazingly discovered a single brightly colored bloom on the bush just as the nun had said. Picking it, she returned immediately and Rita gave thanks to God for this sign of love. So the saint of the thorn became the saint of the rose, and she whose impossible requests were granted became the patron of all whose own requests seem impossible as well. She is also the patron saint of the lonely, sickness & wounds, marital problems, and mothers.

Size: 2.5cm tall including the loop on top.

The medal comes with s silver-tone split-ring through the top loop so it is ready for use.  If you are interested in a matching chain, you can find stainless steel neck chains here.

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