St Raphael Chaplet Rosary, Angel of Love & Joy


Raphael the Archangel is known as the Angel of Love and the Angel of Joy. This chaplet honors St Raphael and includes a color medal of Raphael with Tobiah, a young man he traveled with and guarded, which has led to St Gabriel being the patron saint of travelers.

The chaplet has 12 beads, 3 in the front drop and 9 in the loop, connected with a Miraculous Medal of Our Lady. The beads are gorgeous amber faceted Czech crystal with gold ends that really catch the light. Each bead is hand-linked into the rosary for a well-made chaplet that will last for years of prayer.

The center connector and the medal are both gold-plate, made in Italy and very nice quality.

Length: 22cm / 8.75 inches
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

The name Raphael means God's remedy. He cured a man of blindness, banishing the darkness he lived in. Raphael is known as a healing saint, as well as being the patron saint of love, lovers, blind people, bodily ills, mental illness, nurses, doctors, pharmacists. travelers, young people and happy meetings.

The chaplet comes with a card of the traditional prayers, and will be nicely packaged.

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