St Philomena Chaplet - Little Crown of Saint Philomena


The chaplet of Saint Philomena is also known as the Little Crown of Saint Philomena & is traditionally made with a total of 16 beads. The first 3 beads are white in honor of the Holy Trinity & the loop of prayer beads has 13 red beads, one for each year of Philomena's short life. The color red signifies her martyrdom, and the white beads represent virginity and purity.

Philomena is the patron saint of youth (especially babies & young children), students sitting exams, young married couples, expectant mothers and motherhood.

I've made this wee chaplet rosary with Czech crystal beads in red and white linked with bronze rosary wire. The loop of red beads meets at a vintage bronze medal of Saint Philomena with Saint John Vianney on the other side, and the chaplet is completed with 3 white beads and a bronze crucifix.

St John Vianney  (19th century) was convinced that Philomena was a powerful saint in Heaven & he had her relics enshrined in a parish church in Italy. Miracles followed and he was one of the most famous & the most vocal in encouraging others to seek her intercession.

Length: 27cm / 10.75 inches;
Cross: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall;

Philomena became known as the "wonder worker" after hundreds of miraculous cures were attributed to her intercession and was beatified in 1837. St Philomena, who the Pope named as the Patroness of the Living Rosary and the Patroness of the Children of Mary, is the only person recognized as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession.

This lovely little chaplet comes attractively wrapped.

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