St Peter the Apostle - Pocket Rosary, Single Decade Rosary


A pocket rosary is a handy way of carrying a small rosary with you in a pocket or purse, so that a rosary is available for those quiet moments in a busy life. This pocket rosary features a medal of Saint Peter the Apostle.

I've used 8mm round brecciated jasper gemstone beads for the chaplet, a hard and durable stone of the earth. The Our Father bead is 10mm round, and all the beads are separately hand-linked and separated with topaz Swarovski crystals.

St Peter is venerated in all Christian churches that recognise saints. This little rosary is made in the layout of the traditional Catholic rosary, with one decade of Hail Mary beads and a single Our Father prayer bead in the front. The loop meets at a silver pewter ring stamped with the word "Strength" in recognition of Saint Peters rock-solid faith and the strength of his belief in Our Lord.

A pewter medal of St Peter hangs from the center with the words "Pray For Us" on the reverse side, and the chaplet begins and ends with a straight-forward style of crucifix.

Length: 21cm (8.3 inches)
Medal: 2.5cm (1 inch)
Crucifix: 4.5cm (1.8 inches)

This small rosary is well-made and will last for many years of personal use It would make a thoughtful gift for another.  It comes attractively packaged.

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