St Peter the Apostle Niner Chaplet, Blue Sodalite Stone Beads


This small chaplet rosary of Saint Peter the Apostle is known as a "niner", simply because it has 9 beads laid out in 3 groups of 3. Simple, easily remembered prayers are used to pray this rosary, along with your own prayer or petition. The small size makes it easy to slip into a pocket or purse to use in those quiet moments in a busy life.

I've used blue sodalite gemstone beads for the chaplet, one of the few naturally occurring blue stones. The beads are each 10mm across and have a faceted surface. I've hand-linked the beads so they flow smoothly through your fingers.

At one end is a medal of St Peter, and at the other is a Byzantine style silver pewter cross. A fish charm hangs along the strand, a reminder of Peter's occupation as a fisherman before he followed Christ as one of His 12 apostles. Peter was assigned a leadership role by Jesus and was with Jesus during events witnessed by only a few apostles, such as the Transfiguration. Peter is venerated in multiple churches and is regarded as the first pope by the Catholic Church.

Length: 22cm / 8.75 inches;
Beads: 10mm sodalite rondelles;
Medal & cross: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

This niner chaplet is suitable for men or women, and comes attractively packaged along with a card of the traditional prayers.

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