St Padre Pio Niner Chaplet


This short rosary is a niner chaplet for St Pio, still affectionately called Padre Pio. The niner is one of the oldest forms of prayer beads, designed to be used with 3 well-known prayers as well as a petition to the saint.

This chaplet is made with 8mm round golden tigers eye gemstone beads in 3 groups of 3 beads. Between the groups are small red cross beads, representing the stigmata that affected St Pio during his life.

At one end is a Good Shepherd cross, which shows Jesus carrying a lamb with the rest of His flock behind Him. At the other end is the medal of Padre Pio and a small tree of life charm. Padre Pio often drew attention to the tree and its fruit as an allegory for Christian life, and so the tree of life charm fits this wonderful saint.

Length: 28cm / 11 inches;
Cross: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches tall.

St Pio is a Patron Saint of those suffering from stress & depression, civil defence volunteers & adolescents. He is considered a Patron saint of healing.

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