St Michael Medal Clip, Keychain or Bag Dangle - Agate Beads


A medal with Saint Michael the Archangel on one side & the words "Pray For Us the other features in this Catholic keychain or bag dangle. A very small silver 5-way Catholic cross hangs alongside the medal.

I've wire-wrapped a stack of 3 agate beads to create a link to hold the medal on the sturdy steel trigger-action clip. This natural stone is hard and durable.

Overall length: 10cm / 4 inches,
Beads: 12mm & 6mm
Steel clip: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches.

This unique clip-on accessory is an ideal gift for many occasions - comes on a presentation card and will be attractively wrapped.

Travel Rosaries, Keychains & Medal Clips



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