St Lucy Medal, Patron Saint of Eyesight


Saint Lucy medal in pewter, nickle and lead free. St Lucy is the patron saint of the blind, eyesight and people with problems affected their vision.

Lucy's name means "light", or "clear, radiant, understandable." Unfortunately for us, Lucy's history does not match her name. Shrouded in the darkness of time, all that is known for certain is that this brave woman who lived in Syracuse lost her life in the persecution of Christians in the early fourth century. Her veneration spread so that by the sixth century the whole Church recognized her courage in defense of the faith. Whatever the fact to the legends surrounding Lucy, the truth is that her courage to stand up and be counted a Christian in spite of torture and death
is a light to all.

Size: 2.5cm tall including loop on top.

Comes with a silver steel split-ring through the top loop so it is ready for use.

Patron Saint Medal Collection


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