St Jude Rosary Bracelet, Holy Spirit Charm, Green Jasper


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A rosary bracelet is a one decade rosary that can be worn as jewellery - perfect for use in this quiet moments in a busy life. This rosary bracelet is made with green jasper and features a medal of Saint Jude.

The 10 Hail Mary beads are 8mm round green jasper, separated with wee striped glass trade beads. The Our Father prayer bead is represented with a gold pewter Celtic knot bead.

The original meaning of the endless Celtic knot has been lost in the mists of time, but one meaning is that it shows us how our physical & spiritual lives are intertwined every day.

A small Holy Spirit charm and the Saint Jude medal hang between the beads. He is the patron saint of hopeless cases and desperate causes. Jude is a source of strength for many who face difficulties.

A bracelet with a clasp is not meant to be worn tight on the wrist. It is designed to drape slightly over the back of your hand.

Measure your wrist just above the wristbone - do not add any extra length. Select that measurement from the drop-down options for size and I will make sure the bracelet is a comfortable fit for you.

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