St Jude Memento Mori Chaplet Prayer Beads


Green serpentine "niner" rosary of Saint Jude, the patron saint of impossible cases, featuring a little skull charm known as a Memento Mori. The niner chaplet is a popular form of pocket rosary which is used with well known and familiar prayers - the Glory Be, Hail Mary and Our Father, each said 3 times along with a special prayer to the saint featured in the niner.

This niner rosary is made with 8mm round natural green serpentine beads, with each bead individually wire-wrapped for strength. At one end is a cross like a wax seal impression, and at the other is a medal of Saint Jude and the memento mori.

Traditionally added to a rosary, chaplet or bracelet, a memento mori was intended to be a reminder of the brevity of life and the ever-present reality of death.The literal meaning of memento mori is "remember you must die", and keeping the skull close was a way of remembering to keep living on the straight and narrow!

Length: 29cm / 11.4 inches;
Medals: 2.5cm / 1 inch:
Skull charm: 10mm tall.

A nice chaplet for personal use, which would make a unique gift for another. It comes with a card of prayers for this niner, as well as some information about the memento mori.

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