St Jude Chaplet with Memento Mori, Gemstone Beads


This small handmade rosary is known as the Chaplet of Saint Jude, and is made in the traditional layout of 9 prayer beads. A special feature of this chaplet is the memento Mori skulls separating the groups of beads. Over the centuries, Saint Jude has been asked to intercede when all else fails, and so he has become known as the patron saint of hopeless cases and desperate causes.

It can be used with the prayers written specially for this chaplet, or it can be used as a "niner" with the rosary prayers Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. A card with the traditional prayers is included.

The 9 prayer beads are 8mm round lemon calcite, a natural marble stone with subtle yellow & cream coloring. At one end is a gold pewter medal of St Jude which is the same on both sides. At the other end is a small gold-plated crucifix & a solid carved agate angel's wing.

Memento Mori are a traditional addition to a rosary or chaplet, intended for the living as a reminder of the brevity of life, and are often in the form of skulls. Including memento Mori in rosaries, jewelry, art and headstones was popular right through the Middle Ages.

Today, Memento Mori are becoming popular again, a reminder to make the most of the life you have. Rosaries or jewelry including Memento Mori can be found ghoulish by some, but they have earned their place in the rich history of symbols of devotion.

Length: 28cm;
Angel's wing: 3cm long;
Medal: 2.5cm tall.

A lovely chaplet for personal pray use, or for gifting. It comes with a small prayer card and will be attractively wrapped.

Saint Jude Collection
Memento Mori Collection


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