St Joseph Medal, Patron Saint of Fathers, a Happy Death, Real Estate Sales,


Saint Joseph is the model for men to follow as fathers.  He is also the patron of cabinetmakers and craftspeople, a happy and holy death, the selling and buying of homes, expectant mothers and immigrants.

Everything we know about the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus comes from Scripture. We know he was a carpenter, a working man, for the skeptical Nazarenes ask about Jesus, "Is this not the carpenter's son?" (Matthew 13:55).  The angel who first tells Joseph about Jesus greets him as "son of David," a royal title used also for Jesus. Joseph was a compassionate, caring man and we know Joseph was man of faith, obedient to whatever God asked of him without knowing the outcome.

Joseph is the patron of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth. Joseph is also patron of the universal Church, fathers, carpenters, real estate, social justice and a happy death. There are two feast days for Joseph: March 19 for Joseph the Husband of Mary and May 1 for Joseph the Worker.

Size: 2.5cm tall including the loop on top. Nickle and lead free pewter, made in Italy.

The medal comes with ring on top so it is ready for use. If you are looking for a neck chain to wear this medal as a pendant, I have good quality stainless steel chains here.

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