St Gerard & Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaplet


This little chaplet of Saint Gerard is made with 8mm round gemstone beads in the colors traditionally used for this chaplet - pink (or red), blue and white. The chaplet comes with a small pamphlet with the prayers for both an expectant mother, as well as those for motherhood or other special favor.

The beads in this little rosary are blue angelite (also known as angelstone), white howlite and pink jade.

At one end of the chaplet is a medal of Saint Gerard and a medal of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. At the other end is a double-sided medal of the Holy Family & the Guardian Angel, along with a small crucifix.

During his lifetime, Saint Gerard showed the power God had given him to help mothers more than once. Since his death his help has been so frequently prayed for that he is often called "the Saint of happy deliveries" and thousands of children worldwide have been given his name in gratitude. The chaplet is made in the "niner" style with 3 groups of 3 beads and is prayed with well-known simple prayers together with your personal prayer.

Length: 26cm (10.2")
Medals: 2.5cm (1")

This is a lovely wee rosary chaplet for yourself, or would make a thoughtful gift for anyone thinking about motherhood. It comes in pretty wrapping along with the prayer card.

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