St Gabriel Clip - Patron Saint of Messengers, Communication


A lovely clip-on patron saint medal, featuring the Angel Gabriel and a lovely handmade lampwork glass bead which I've wire-wrapped with Swarovski crystals to hold the medal. A small silver cross also hangs from the sturdy steel swivel clip.

Gabriel is the patron saint of messengers and communications workers, being the Angel that God chose to deliver important messages here on earth. Gabriel appears in the Bible as God's messenger several times, including delivering the news to Mary that she would bear the Christ child.

How you use your clip-on inspirational medal is up to you - perhaps clipped to your luggage or backpack, in your purse of pocket, car rear view mirror maybe - or attach to a bedpost or desk lamp.

Length: 9.5cm;
Medal: 2.5cm tall;
Steel swivel clip: 3cm.

A meaningful faith clip, well constructed for personal use and great for gifting. It comes on a presentation card.

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