St Francis of Assisi Rosary, Green Moss Agate Bead


Moss agate gemstone beads are a good choice for a rosary dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the most loved saints of all time who is honored in both the Catholic and Anglican Churches. He is especially remembered for his work with animals and his love of all God's creatures.

Moss agate is a natural stone formed over centuries from plant and fossil material compressed under tremendous pressure in the earth - if you look into the beads you can see tiny fragments of these fossils. The Hail Mary beads are each 8mm round, all linked with silver rosary wire so the rosary flows nicely through your hands. The Our Father beads are 10mm round, wire-wrapped with bead caps and small pewter beads. This rosary is well made for years of prayer, and is suitable for rugged hands.

The center medal shows St Francis with the wolf he miraculously tamed, and has the words "Pray For Us" on the back. The crucifix is known as a "missionary" style cross - a good choice for a rosary featuring St Francis.

Length from mid-back to end of cross: 60cm / 23.5 inches;
Center medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall;
Crucifix: 4.5cm / 1.8 inches tall.

This is a full-sized rosary which feels cool and smooth in the hands, suitable for men or women. It comes in a hand-made (by me) lined rosary pouch to keep it in and will be attractively packaged.

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