St Francis of Assisi Chaplet Prayer Beads


This is a chaplet of Saint Francis of Assisi. A chaplet is a small rosary often dedicated to a particular saint or special purpose, and using a chaplet for your prayers can add extra depth to your prayer life. This chaplet of St Francis comes with a card of the traditional prayers.

I've used 8mm round Red Creek jasper beads for the loop, and 2 tree agate beads in the front - gemstone beads to reflect St Francis' love of the natural world.

The beads are laid out in the traditional pattern for this devotion, with 5 groups of 3 beads in the loop, and 2 beads in the front extension. In the center is a medal of St Francis with the tau cross on the back - a sign he often used for his signature.

The chaplet begins and ends with a silver pewter San Damiano crucifix. This is a copy of the cross St Francis was praying in front of when he received his commission from Gd to rebuild his Church.

You can see more of my work featuring St Francis here: Saint Francis of Assisi Collection

St Francis of Assisi :

*  is known to all as the poet saint who cast off his wealth and rank to embrace "Lady Poverty";
*  found true peace in humble service of the Creator and His creatures;
*  in 1223, Francis arranged for the first ever Christmas manger scene;
*  In 1224, he received the stigmata, making him the first person to bear the wounds of Christ’s Passion;
*  He died in 1226 while preaching Psalm 141;
*  St Francis is the patron saint of animals, conservationists, pet lovers, environmentalists, animal welfare societies, merchants and zoos.

The chaplet comes attractively packaged along with the prayer card.




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