St Dymphna Chaplet Rosary, Patron Saint of Stress & Psychological Problems


This little rosary is the Chaplet of Saint Dymphna, an Irish saint who is the patroness of domestic and sexual abuse victims, runaways, and those suffering from stress or psychological problems.

There are 17 beads in total in the layout for the St Dymphna chaplet, 15 for the years of Dymphna's short life and 2 for the intentions of the Holy Father. A medal of St Dymphna begins and ends the chaplet.

I've used royal blue Czech crystal beads for the chaplet, each linked by hand into a loop of 15 beads that meets at a medal of Our Lady of Grace. The front extension has two larger crystal beads finished with wee sapphire Swarovski® crystals.

A small rosary known is sometimes known as a pocket rosary or a chaplet rosary. They are often used for special prayer purposes or occasions, and are often dedicated to a particularly inspirational saint. Many have traditional prayers that have been used with them for centuries.

After her death, miraculous healing of mental disorders started to take place, and so Dymphna also became the patron saint of neurologists, psychiatrists & psychologists.

Length: 25cm / 10 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall;
Beads: 8mm & 10mm Czech crystal.

The chaplet comes in attractive packaging, along with a card with the traditional prayers.

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