St Christopher Traveler's Prayer Card and Medal


Wallet sized traveler's prayer card and enclosed medal with rigid laminate cover for protection, featuring Saint Christopher, the patron saint of motorists, travelers and safe journeys. The back of the medal also shows Saint Michael, the warrior angel.

Card size: 8.75cm wide, 5.75cm tall. Medal is 2.5cm across.

The front of the card has St Christopher carrying the child Jesus across water with travel images, and shows the front side of the round medal which has the words "Protect me in my travels" around the edge and a plane, car and motorbike.

The back of the card shows the back of the medal with St Christopher and St Michael the Archangel on it. The following prayer is printed on the card:

Almighty God, creator of the universe and life, Guide me today from point to point with your protective hand. Keep storms distant, ceilings high, the road safe and winds favorable. Protect me in my travels whether by air land or sea. Keep me under your watch so that no harm comes to me, nor to any passengers with me. Amen.

A great farewell gift, or for anyone who travels regularly or is on the road a lot.

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