St Christopher Clip-On Christian Travel Rosary


A clip-on rosary is handy for anyone who is traveling or on the move a lot, ideal for a new motorist or as a farewell gift.

This Christian travel clip is made with silver hematite beads, a 3-D pewter kiwi charm & a St Christopher medal. It is designed to have 7 prayer beads, which is about one-quarter of the full Christian rosary, with a single brushed silver heart bead which stands for the cruciform beads in the full-size rosary.

The wee rosary hands from a sturdy silver steel trigger-action clasp with a swivel base.

A lovely farewell gift, this rosary clip can be attached to luggage, a handbag or purse or backpack, a keychain, the car rear-view mirror or a tent pole ... wherever a small rosary could prove handy.

Total length: 12.5cm / 5 inches;
Clip: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches.

It comes on a presentation card so it makes a great gift. You can choose which card you prefer from the drop-down options before checking out.

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