St Cecilia Chaplet Rosary, Patroness of Music, Poets & Luthiers


Saint Cecilia is the patroness of music, musicians, musical instrument makers, composers and poets - and patron saint of the blind. She is said to have heard the music of angels in her heart when words failed her and she was forced into marriage with a pagan (whom she later converted to Christianity). That music in her soul sustained her throughout her life. She

The chaplet (small rosary) is laid out in the traditional pattern for the St Cecilia chaplet, with 3 groups of 3 beads and a medal of Cecilia.

For this wee rosary I've chosen lovely Czech glass "Saturn" beads in celestial blue with an iridescent finish. At one end is a silver pewter medal of St Cecilia along with little silver pewter angel. At the other end of the strand is a stainless steel disc engraved with the message "When words fail, music speaks", and a little harp charm representing Cecilia's musical patronages.

I've hand-linked each bead with silver rosary wire, and added aqua blue Swarovski crystals between the groups of three beads. This chaplet is quite lightweight and feels cool & smooth in your hands.

Length: 33cm / 13 inches
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch.

This chaplet comes attractively wrapped along with a card with the traditional prayers.

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