St Cayetano (Cajetan) Prayer Beads


A niner is a small Catholic rosary, often dedicated to a particular saint to honor their life and as an inspiration for prayer. This niner is dedicated to Saint Cayetano, also known as Saint Cajetan.

St Cayetano is known as the Patron of the unemployed and job seekers because he and the order he founded, the Theatines, relied entirely on Divine Providence for sustenance and daily living. Free of the problems of worldly wealth they managed to serve the poor with much more effectiveness since they shared in their poverty, living from day to day.

 The 3 groups of 3 prayer beads are 8mm serpentine, a naturally occurring green stone marbled with fine black matrix. The groups are separated by tiny brass cubes beads, and joined with a mix of brass and matte silver links.

At one end is the medal of St Cayetano and at the other is a bronze Talavera cross. Talavera art is a style of folk decoration that originated in Mexico, and this lovely cross has a raised pattern on the front and the same design engraved into the back.

Length: 27cm / 10.75 inches;
Medal & Cross: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall;
Beads: 8mm round serpentine.

The chaplet comes with a card of suggested prayers, and will be nicely wrapped.


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