St Cayetano (Cajetan) Medal


Silver pewter oval medal of Saint Cayetano with the words "Pray For Us" on the reverse. He is the patron saint of gamblers, the unemployed, job seekers and illiterate people, and is called on for problems with loan documents or loan sharks, as well as for family feuds. 

Cayetano of Thiene (Cajetan) and was a Venetian born in the 15th Century. He studied law at Padua, Italy, home of St Anthony, was a true thinker who sought to reform the Church. He created the Congregation of Clerks with the goal of reviving and renewing the energy of the Clergy. St Cayetano often prayed eight hours daily. While attending the Christmas celebration at St. Mary of the Crib, he is said to have been given the grace of receiving from Mary the Child Jesus into his arms.

Cayetano was especially disturbed by people who loaned money and cheated the poor so he created a Bank based on fairness, which is now known as the Bank of Naples.

Oval nickle & lead free pewter made in Italy.

Size: 2.5cm including the top loop.

Comes with a silver steel split-ring through the loop on top so it is ready for use.

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