St Cajetan (Cayetano) Chaplet - Little Crown of Saint Cajetan


This small rosary, also called a chaplet,  is the traditional devotion for Saint Cajetan and is known as the Little Crown of St Cajetan. Saint Cajetan, an Italian Catholic priest, religious reformer and co-founder of the Theatines is also known as Saint Cayetano in some countries.

I've used earthy-colored jasper beads for the chaplet, which has 3 groups of 3 beads in the prayer loop, separated with larger beads between each group. A rose connector joins the loop, and a medal of St Cajetan hangs there.

The front of the chaplet has 3 beads, and a lovely Talavera cross, decorated in this iconic Mexican folk art style. A pamphlet with the traditional prayers is included.

Length:14cm / 5.5 inches;
Beads: 8mm and 10mm jasper beads;
Cross: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

St Cajetan is the Patron of the unemployed and job seekers because he and the order he founded, the Theatines, relied entirely on Divine Providence for their daily needs. By freeing themselves from worldly wealth they managed to serve the poor with much more effectiveness since they shared in their poverty, living from day to day.

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