St Benedict Niner Chaplet, Agate & Pewter


This larger-sized agate Saint Benedict chaplet is made as a "looped niner" - a small rosary that has 9 beads set out in 3 groups of 3. One of the oldest forms of prayer beads, the niner has a long history of religious prayer use. Originally made by monks as a way of earning money for the monastery, they have been popular for centuries.

The beads in this niner are 12mm agate rondelles, a shape like a flattened round. In the closed loop are the 3 sets of 3 prayer beads, separated with small agate beads and lengths of silver curb chain.

These beads are bigger than some of my other small rosaries, so are perfect for those who prefer handling a larger bead. The loop meets at a pewter connecting ring, and the front extension has a single large 15mm agate rondelle - a place to gather your thoughts before entering the niner loop, or to say a closing prayer at the end.

A small medal of St Benedict hangs from the loop and a lovely solid pewter St Benedict crucifix completes the design.

Length when hanging: 34cm / 13.5 inches;
Crucifix: 5cm / 2 inches tall.

This niner chaplet has a satisfying weight and feels smooth in the hands. All the beads are wire-wrapped - the set is made to last for many years of prayer and is suitable for rugged hands.

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