St Benedict Men's Bracelet, Black Onyx Christian Saint Bracelet


Measure wrist just above wristbone.

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This black onyx men's bracelet features a small medal of Saint Benedict and silver pewter accents. Stretchy for easy on-off wear - great for everyday wear or a thoughtful gift for a friend.  Wearing a medal of a saint that has special meaning to you can be a reminder to take a moment out from a busy day to become centered again.

Saint Benedict is the Patron Saint of monks, those in religious orders, agricultural workers, schoolchildren, civil engineers, cavers, the dying and wards against poisons, witchcraft, fevers and temptations.  Founder of the Benedictine Order, his ward of exorcism and protection is used widely by clergy and the devout.

The black onyx beads are 8mm round with a narrower pattern in the front including one clear red Czech glass bead and the wee medal. One side of the medal has an image of St Benedict and the other has his ward (prayer of protection).

A stretchy roll-on bracelet is designed to be a snug fit on your arm.  Measure your wrist just above the wristbone.  Let me know that measurement & I will make sure it is a comfortable, snug fit.

The pictured bracelet is XL size, and larger and smaller sizes may mean fewer or more black onyx beads but I will ensure the design is balanced.

The bracelet comes attractively packaged to treat you, or so it is ready for you to treat someone else.

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