St Agnes Chaplet Prayer Beads, Patron Saint Niner Rosary


Chaplet of Saint Agnes made with white opal faceted glass beads which have a subtle sparkle in the light. St Agnes is the patron saint of chastity, virgins, engaged couples and gardeners.

I've made this chaplet with 9mm white opal glass beads laid out in 3 groups of 3, which is the traditional pattern for this devotion. All the beads are separately linked with silver rosary wire, which gives the rosary nice flow through your fingers.

At one end is a medal of Saint Agnes with the words "Pray For Us" on the back. At the other end is a traditional budded crucifix with pearly gray enamel background.

Length: 23.5cm / 9.3 inches
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch
Crucifix: 3.75cm / 1.5 inches.

Of all the virgin martyrs of Rome, Agnes has always been held in the highest honor; Agnes, along with the Blessed Virgin Mary and seven other women, is commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.

A lovely wee chaplet that comes with a card of the traditional prayers. It will be attractively wrapped too.

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