St Agatha & St Peregrine Chaplet Rosary, Patron Saints of Cancer


Saint Agatha is the patron saint of those suffering from breast cancer, and Saint Peregrine is the patron saint of all cancer sufferers. This little rosary chaplet features a center medal with St Agatha on one side and St Peregrine on the other.

I've used rosaline pink Swarovski® crystal pearls in this rosary, and a silver pewter crucifix with a pink enamel background. St Agatha and St Peregrine are often called on in prayers for comfort, hope and healing for those with cancer - and for comfort and strength for their family and friends.

The pearl Hail Mary beads are each 8mm round and are linked by hand into the rosary loop. The Our Father prayer bead is a slightly larger pearl at 10mm round, and is a darker rose pink.

Length: 29cm (11.4")
Crucifix: 3.75cm (1.5")

This chaplet rosary is made for regular personal use, and would make a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one during a difficult time. It comes attractively wrapped with a prayer card of the traditional prayers for this devotion.


You can see more St Agatha prayer beads here: Saint Agatha Collection


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