St Agatha Pocket Rosary - Patron Saint of Breast Cancer


This small rosary, often called a pocket rosary, features a medal of Saint Agatha who is the patron saint of breast cancer patients. The medal, which is at the center of the rosary, has the cancer awareness ribbon of hope on the back.

This wee set of prayer beads has 10 carved shell Hail Mary beads in a loop which meets at the medal of Saint Agatha. In the front of the rosary are 2 lampwork glass beads with roses encased in the glass, and 3 of the carved shell beads. All the beads are separately linked so the rosary flows nicely in your hands.

Beads: 8mm trochus shell, 14mm lampwork glass;
Length: 26cm / 10.25 inches;
Crucifix: 3.75cm tall / 1.4 inches.

Saint Agatha is one of the most highly venerated virgin martyrs of Christian antiquity, put to death for her steadfast profession of faith in Sicily around 250. As well as being the patron saint for breast cancer, she has many other patronages including nurses, bakers and jewellers as well as against earthquakes and against natural disasters.

This little rosary comes attractively packaged along with a prayer card.

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