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Celebrate a milestone in Recovery with a sobriety bracelet, perfect for a member of a 12 Step program. Sobriety bracelets celebrate a new way of living and can be a reminder to take a moment out in a busy day to center yourself in a peaceful and healing way. A lovely gift for a sponsor or sponsee, to reward yourself for a milestone achieved, or simply "just because".

This bracelet is made with 12 rainbow crystal beads, one for each Step in the recovery program. After the 3rd Step bead is a yin-yang symbol, symbolizing the balance and importance of those first 3 Steps. A small Unity symbol also hangs there, along with a clear amethyst glass teardrop in remembrance of the many tears shed to get to where you are now.

The Unity symbol is important to many people in Recovery, the image of a triangle surrounded by a circle has deep spiritual roots. The triangle represents stability, creativity, doorways - and is seen as a generator of positive energy. The circle that encloses it symbolizes serenity and protection.

A bracelet with a clasp is designed to fit loosely on your wrist & drape slightly over your hand. It is not made to be worn tight on your arm.

Measure your wrist just above the wristbone - do not add any extra length. Select that measurement from the drop-down size options & I will make sure the bracelet is a comfortable fit.

You can also choose to have a short silver-plated extension/growth chain added at the clasp for no extra cost.

Your bracelet comes attractively packaged along with a pamphlet about 12 Step bracelets and the Serenity Prayer.

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