Sobriety Beads - Prayer & Meditation Aid for 12 Step Recovery Programs


This small set of hand-held beads has been made for members of 12 Step Recovery programs as an aid for mindful meditation as part of the Recovery process. Meditation beads are a great way to clear the head & get actively involved in prayer and meditation time, and come with a pamphlet explaining how to use them.

This set is made with 3 beads set between symbols to inspire your journey in a new way of living. I've used lovely shimmery raspberry Czech glass beads and wire-wrapped them with wee brass stud beads and tiny Swarovski crystals. You can assign any meaning to each bead - perhaps a special prayer or affirmation, a concept for meditation, the Steps you are currently thinking about, people you care for or matters you would like guidance on ... whatever is in harmony with your spiritual journey.

At one end is a double-sided brass angel medal, a symbol of peace and calmness. At the other end is an affirmation ring stamped with the word "hope", a brass Unity symbol of Recovery, and a teardrop to symbolize tears left in the past and a flower to symbolize your new life moving forward.

Three is the number of good fortune and has long been considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding.  It is the number  that describes many of our ways of measuring time:  Past Present Future;  Birth Life Death;  Baby Child Adult;  Beginning Middle End. Many people find that keeping their beads close where they can touch these 3 beads - such as in a pocket - can bring calm in challenging times.

Length: 21cm / 8.3 inches
Beads: 10mm Czech glass
Angel charm: 2.2cm across  / 1 inch.

This is a lovely set of prayer & meditation beads for personal use, which would make a thoughtful gift. They come attractively wrapped along with the pamphlet.

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