Seven Sorrows of Mary Chaplet, 7 Dolors of the Blessed Virgin


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The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows is also known as the Chaplet of 7 Sorrows or the Servite Rosary. The devotion its origins in the Middle Ages, and is today becoming popular once again.

This set is made with 8mm round natural jasper gemstone beads, & features medals revealing the Seven Sorrows. I've used the traditional layout of beads, which has 7 sets of 7 beads and medals showing each Sorrow between them. The 1st Sorrow forms the connecting link for the circle of prayer beads.

The back of each medal has an image of Mary as Our Lady of Sorrows with 7 swords piercing Her heart. The front of the rosary has an additional 3 beads, and a medal of the crucifixion with Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows on the reverse.  A single Memento Mori skull hangs beside the medal.

All the beads are separately linked with silver rosary wire so the set flows smoothly through your fingers as you pray the rosary. The 7 medals represent these events in Mary's life:

1 - The presentation in the Temple
2 - Flight into Egypt
3 - Loss of Jesus for 3 days
4 - The way to Calvary
5 - Crucifixion
6 - Descent from the Cross
7 - Burial of Jesus.

This is a full-size, well-made rosary which will last for many years of prayer.

The rosary comes in a handmade rosary pouch for you to store it in, along with a pamphlet with the meditation and reading for each Sorrow.

Our Lady of Sorrows Collection



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