Serenity Prayer Anglican Rosary, Tigers Eye Gemstone Beads


Anglican rosaries are also known as Christian prayer beads, and are used by many Christian faiths including Anglicans, Protestants and Episcopalians. They are a set of prayer beads based on the 33 years of Christ's life, with 33 beads and a cross at the front.

This rosary is made with 8mm tigers eye gemstone beads for the 4 sets of 7 prayer beads. The larger beads between the sets are 10mm faceted tigers eye, which have topaz Austrian crystals either side.

All the beads are separately linked with silver rosary wire, with the larger beads wire-wrapped to give a unique handmade look to the rosary. The rosary feels cool and smooth in the hands, and is made for many years of prayerful use.

The layout of the beads is completed with a medal of the Serenity prayer, and a Talavera cross. The Talavera cross is a style of folk art, celebrating the natural world and resurrection.

Length from middle of the loop to end of cross: 44cm / 17.25 inches;
Cross: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

A pamphlet about the Anglican rosary with some suggestions for using it is included, and  it will be attractively packaged.

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