St Roch Chaplet Rosary, Patron Saint of Dogs, Invalids & Pilgrims


This little chaplet or pocket rosary features a medal of St Roch, and has accompanying prayers that are based on the Song of Creation. The 7 prayer beads in the loop are 8mm brecciated jasper, a natural gemstone that is hard and durable. Little topaz Swarovski crystals separate the hand-linked jasper beads.

There are two front beads which are oval agate beads, and I've wire-wrapped those for extra strength and to give the pocket rosary that unique handmade look. The chaplet begins and ends with the medal of St Roch and a small cross.

Saint Roch was born around 1295 in France - his name is also seen as "Rocco", and in some areas as "Rollex". He is best known as the saint to invoke against plague, having spent many years of his life working on behalf of plague victims, until finally he died of the disease himself. Isolating himself in a forest, a dog belonging to a local nobleman brought him bread and a miraculously appearing spring of water kept him alive long enough to heal.

Because of the miraculous behavior of the dog, Roch has become the patron saint of dogs - as well as of surgeons (for his work with plague victims), falsely accused people (for his wrongful arrest & death in prison), invalids (for his own illness) and pilgrims (which he was himself). Many miracles have been attributed to the intercession of St Roch.

Length: 24cm / 9.5 inches;
Medal: 2.5cm / 1 inch.

This is a lovely chaplet for your personal use, and would would make a thoughtful gift. It comes attractively packaged along with a card of the prayer.


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