St Patrick Chaplet Prayer Bracelet


Saint Patrick is one of the best known and most loved saints of all time, and is the Patron Saint of both Ireland and New Zealand. This stretch bracelet is designed as a St Patrick chaplet prayer bracelet, which is a lovely way to carry a small chaplet rosary with you as well as being an on-trend fashion accessory.

I've used green brecciated jasper beads for the 3 groups of 3 prayer beads. These attractive natural jasper beads are separated with little black onyx beads and tiny glass and hematite seed beads. At the front of the bracelet, a small color medal of Saint Patrick hangs between two smaller jasper beads.

The pictured bracelet is a large size, for a wrist measuring around 18cm (7 inches)

Here is a general guide to sizing:
Women - Small: 16cm (6."), Medium: 17cm (6.5"), Large: 18cm (7"), Larger: 19cm (7.5"), X-large: 20cm (8")
Men - Small: 18cm (7"); Medium: 19cm (7.5"), Large: 20cm (8"), X-tra Large: 21.5cm (8.5")

An easy way to measure is to put a string around the wrist and mark where it crosses over itself, then measure between the marks with a ruler. Order that size if you want it to sit firm on your wrist. If you want your bracelet to fit loose then order the next size up.

A lovely bracelet with easy on-off wear for everyday jewelry - or a thoughtful gift for a friend.


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