St Patrick Bracelet, Minimalist Chain Bracelet


A cute, dainty bracelet featuring a tiny medal of the Irish saint, Patrick. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of both Ireland and New Zealand, and is of course the reason why there are no snakes in either country - or so legend says!

I've used three wee blue crystal rondelle beads at the front and handlinked them into a minimalist bracelet design completed with double strands of fine silver plated chain on each side. The center bead has teeny Swarovski crystals each side - it is amazing how such tiny things sparkle so much!

This lovely bracelet is suitable for all ages and comes in the full range of wrist sizes.

•  Bracelet length and wrist size are not the same thing.  • To find what bracelet length is best for you, measure your wrist just above the wristbone where you would normally wear a watch, then ADD another 2cm to that measurement. That is the length bracelet you need.

Children's bracelet lengths:
3-4 years - 14cm / 5.5"
4-5 years - 14.5cm / 5.85"
6-7 years - 15cm / 6"
7-8 years - 16cm / 6.5"
9 - 12 years - 17.1cm / 6.75"

Teens & Adult bracelet lengths:
small - 18cm / 7"
medium - 19cm / 7.5"
large - 20cm / 8"

This pretty bracelet comes in attractive packaging to complete the treat.

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