St Michael Lava Stone Men's Stretch Bracelet


Black lava stone beads matched with oxidized steel hexagonal beads gives this men's saint bracelet an urban design edge. Stretchy for easy on-off wearing, the bracelet features a medal of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Lava stone is just as it sounds - beads made from lava blown out of the ground by volcanic action. It has a matte black finish with texture created by myriad tiny air holes throughout the stone. In this bracelets the beads are each about 8mm round.

I've interspersed them with hexagonal steel beads which have been lightly oxidized to give an industrial look - these beads are 7mm across so they blend comfortably with the lava stone.

At the front is a round pewter medal of Saint Michael, with a prayer engraved on the back. The pewter is nickle and lead free, so safe for everyday wear.

The bracelet is made on Powercord, an inert polymer material designed for jewelry which returns to its original shape after stretching.

To find the best size for you, measure your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit. Order that size for a snug fit on your arm - or the next size up for a looser fit. Available in sizes from 18cm to 22.5cm (7 inches to 9 inches).

Note: bead count will vary depending on the size ordered.

The bracelet comes attractively wrapped to complete the treat.

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