St Francis of Assisi Chaplet Prayer Bracelet


Measure wrist just above wristbone.

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A chaplet prayer bracelet is a small rosary for the wrist made in the layout of the traditional saint's chaplet. A prayer bracelet is a great way to combine faith with fashion, allowing you to keep a small rosary with you for those quiet moments of prayer during a busy day.

This stretch bracelet is a chaplet of Saint Francis of Assisi, made in the traditional layout of 3 groups of 3 beads with a medal and a cross. St Francis is the patron saint of animals, conservationists, pet lovers, environmentalists, animal welfare societies, merchants and zoos.

I've used 10mm round re creek jasper for the prayer beads, a beautiful natural gemstone mined in Australia. These jasper beads come in an incredible range of colors, all found within the same rock and are hard and durable. The groups of prayer beads are separated with smaller onyx and agate beads, and a variety of silver plated beads complete the design.

At the front of the bracelet is a medal of St Francis of Assisi and a small Good Shepherd cross. This style of cross has been chosen by Pope Francis for his daily wear, and shows Jesus surrounded by his flock.

The bracelet is made on stretchy Powercord for easy on-off wear.

The pictured bracelet is a large size, for a wrist measuring around 18cm. Please note that the larger sizes will have more of the little spacer beads to achieve the extra length required, and smaller bracelets may have less - but the overall design will be balanced and just as attractive.

Here is a general guide to sizing:
Small: 16cm (6"), Medium: 17cm (6.5"), Large: 18cm (7.0"), Larger: 19cm (7.5"), X-large: 21cm (8.3").

Measure your wrist and order that size if you want it to sit firmly on your wrist, or the next size up for a looser fit. You can choose the size you want from the drop-down menu at checkout.

The great bracelet for men or women. It comes attractively wrapped along with a card about St Francis and the chaplet prayers.


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