Saint Benedict Cross Necklace, Fine Brass Ball Chain


A simple golden brass crucifix hangs from a fine brass ball chain. Commonly known as a Saint Benedict Cross, it features the ward - prayer of protection - of Saint Benedict behind the figure of Christ on the cross.

The reverse side is plain brass with the same circle impression in the middle, showing the figure of Saint Benedict. The cross measures 3.5cm tall (1.4 inches).

I've used a plain brass bail to hang the crucifix on the fine brass ball chain, which is 45cm (18 inches) long, making a simple but meaningful pendant necklace. Both the cross and the chain are sealed in inhibit tarnishing, but some change in color may occur over time.

This necklace comes attractively wrapped along with a card about Saint Benedict.

You can see more of my work featuring Saint Benedict here: St Benedict Collection.

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