Sacred Heart of Jesus Decima Rosary with Pardon Cross


This small rosary is  known as a decima rosary because it has just one decade (group of 10 beads) of Hail Mary beads and a single Our Father prayer bead. These shorter rosaries are also commonly called pocket rosaries - their small size means they are easy to drop into a pocket or bag to carry with you.

The overall size might be small, but the message of this decima rosary is powerful. At the center is a beautiful larger size medal of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Our Lady of Mount Carmel on the obverse side, which makes it a scapular medal. The rosary begins and ends with a silver pewter Pardon Cross.

The Pardon Cross is a crucifix that is well-known for its meaning. The front is an intricate pattern of lattice and scroll work, and the reverse carries this message: Behold this heart which has so loved men. Father forgive them.

The Hail Mary beads are larger size than some of my decima rosaries - 10mm round natural brecciated jasper gemstone beads. The larger size bead balances the larger than usual center medal nicely. In the front extension is a single Our Father prayer bead which is finished with bead caps and wire-wrapping, and leads to the crucifix.

Length: 27cm / 10.75 inches
Center medal: 3.5cm / 1.4 inches
Pardon cross: 5cm / 2 inches tall
Beads: 10mm brecciated jasper beads.

Jasper is a hard and durable stone which has been used for centuries for domestic items, weapons, Jewelry and prayer beads - it is even mention in the Bible. This decima rosary is well-made for many years of prayer and suitable for rugged hands.




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