Renaissance Style White Agate Earrings, Gothic Design


The renaissance era spans the years 1300 to 1550, a time in history that also encompassed Gothic design. I've included some design elements from then into these new earrings.

The main design features are 10mm white agate beads, and patonce crosses. Embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals and black studded beads, small blackened brass patonce crosses dangle gently below.

The name "patonce" refers to any cross with arms ending in a split petal shape, a very popular cross in renaissance jewellery & embroidery.

As a Christian symbol, the 3 petals on each arm represent the Trinity, with the total of 12 petals representing the Apostles. In heraldry, the 3 petals symbolise faith, wisdom & charity. In both uses, the 4 arms of the cross spread these symbols to the four corners of the world.

Length including ear wires: 6cm / 2.4 inches.

The ear wires are nickle & lead free.

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