Renaissance Style Rosary, Green Jade with Cross & Tassel


The renaissance era spans the years 1300 to 1550, a time in history that also encompassed Byzantine design. Many paternosters and rosaries from this period reflect the influence of Byzantine design, and I have incorporated some into this jade and onyx rosary.

I'm not aiming to reproduce historic rosaries, but rather to revive beautiful religious design from the past. By using today's materials and techniques with yesterday's designs, my rosaries provide a link with the history of prayerful worship through the centuries.

Rosaries in the middle ages were often very large by today's standards, but lovely smaller ones were created too which inspired this modern update. I've used 6mm round regal green jade for the Aves, and 8mm round glossy black onyx for the Pater beads. The Paters are accented with pewter cube beads.

The design is based on the rosary in this image, held by Princess Eudoxia of Moscow (1353-1407)

Strung on fine black cord and knotted between each bead the rosary flows softly through the hands in use. The loop
of prayer beads comes together at a large onyx gaud (Pater) bead.

The front of the rosary has a Byzantine style cross and a silky black tassel capped in pewter. A lovely folk history tale tells how the tassel was used in rosaries to wipe the tears of the faithful as they prayed.

Length from center back to end of cross: 42cm / 16.5 inches:

 It comes in a handmade renaissance-style pouch to store it in, and will be attractively wrapped.

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