Renaissance Style Paternoster Rosary, Thumb or Belt Ring


Renaissance style paternoster rosary, based on designs from the 15th century. My paternosters bring a connection with the history of faithful prayer down through the centuries by updating the old designs with modern materials and techniques for today's prayer needs.

This paternoster has 9 lampwork glass beads, separated with small glass trade beads for ease of counting prayers. The gaud bead (we call it the Our Father or Pater bead today) is a detailed hollow filigree pewter bead.

A silky brown tassel with an ornate pewter cap finishes the rosary. A rather nice legend has it that the tassel was attached to paternosters to wipe away the tears of the faithful as they prayed - tears of humility, surrender and joy.

The other end has a pewter ring which can be used as a thumb ring to secure the strand in use, or to wear over a belt as was the custom in the renaissance period.

The beads are a  reasonably large size (15mm across) and are strung loosely on the rosary cord so they can slide along as prayers are counted off.

Length: approx 37cm / 14.5 inches;
Tassel: 7.5cm / 3 inches long;
Beads: 15mm lampwork glass, 18mm filigree.

Lochner, Stefan - Outside of an Altar Wing - 1445-1450 | by juan_guthrie


    This detail from an altar piece wing painted by Stephan
    Lochner (crica 1445) provided the inspiration for this
    paternoster. Note the thin belt worn by the figure in the
    painting where the ring or loop of the strand could be
    held. Paternosters were commonly worn as past of
    everyday outfits.



This unique paternoster rosary comes attractively packaged.

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