Recovery Rosary - Catholics in 12 Step Recovery


Designed for Catholic members of 12 Step programs, this recovery rosary has a circle of 12 prayer beads - one bead for each Step in the program. Between the 3 groups of 4 beads are larger beads for prayers of your choice or traditional prayers such as the Hail Mary or Our Father.

The front drop is the same as a regular rosary, and can be used in the same way. You could also use the 3 front beads for the concepts of recovery - unity, service and recovery. The layout of the beads means you can adapt them to your own prayers.

The prayer beads are 8mm round blue howlite, all linked individually with silver rosary wire. The larger beads are 10mm round white coral, carved like a rose and these beads are wire-wrapped with double-link chain between the sets.

The rosary is completed with 3 charms relevant to the recovery journey:
* a cross for the faith that sustains us;
* a tree of life symbol, representing that we are part of the whole, and never alone;
* a recovery Unity symbol.

Length: 30cm /11.75 inches.

A lovely set of prayer beads for personal use, or for gifting to anyone in a 12 Step recovery fellowship. They come attractively packaged with a card about the rosary and some suggestions to start using them.

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