Recovery Prayer Beads, Unisex Sobriety Anniversary Gift


This is a set of 12 Step Recovery prayer & meditation beads, perfect for the pocket, purse or bedside table. Suitable for men or women recovering from alcoholism or addiction, they are a great way to clear the head and get actively involved in your prayer and meditation time, and come with a pamphlet explaining how to use them.

I've used silver & black hematite beads for this set, each 8mm round and linked with silver art wire. There are 12 beads, each representing one of the 12 steps in the recovery program. The first 3 beads are black hematite, and the other 9 are silver hematite.

Meditation beads are used by running them through your fingers to count prayers, affirmations, mantras, breaths, repeating the 12 steps .... whatever is in line with your own spiritual journey. Handling the beads helps to still mental chatter and involves both your mind and your body in the contemplation process. Many of my customers find that simply keeping the beads in their pocket so they can touch them helps to bring calm in challenging situations.

These beads have meditation symbols at each end - a Unity symbol and "faith, hope & love" affirmation ring at one end, and a Talavera folk-art cross and Tree of Life emblem at the other.

There is an extra Celtic knot bead after the 3rd step bead for those who like to emphasize the first 3 steps regularly - it helps to be able to find those 3 beads by touch. The symbolism of the never-ending Celtic knot design shows us that our spiritual and physical lives are intertwined.

The Unity emblem is a symbol important to many people in recovery, the image of a triangle surrounded by a circle has deep spiritual roots. It represents a perfect union of mind (open, circular) and body (stable, triangular). It’s a talisman of perseverance and personal transformation.

The meaning of the Tree of Life is a well known symbol and, like the tree itself, many branched and deeply rooted. The Tree of Life crosses all cultures and has become a common symbol of life, ancestry, mythology, lessons of the spirit, history, hope for the future... and climbing to the heavens.

Length: 25cm / 10 inches;
Cross: 2.5cm / 1 inch tall.

The beads come attractively wrapped along with the pamphlet that has some suggestions for starting to use them.

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